In YMCA Early Learning programs, children will learn in a nurturing environment. With highly trained teachers and staff, our premier child care centers cater to parents that value their children's education. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment for young children to learn, thrive, and grow.   

Our programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of young children ages six weeks to five years. We provide experiences that enhance and enrich each child’s cognitive, language, social emotional, physical and creative development. Each class is designed to foster each child’s ability to develop a positive self-concept through a balance of self-directed activities and teacher-assisted activities. Opportunities for solitary play, as well as group activities are provided.


  • Quality Education Program in a nurturing environment
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack


We pride ourselves on providing high quality child care programs while also maintaning affordable rates for our families. 
  • Infant Care - $225 per week
  • Toddler Early Learning - $200 per week
  • Preschool - $185 per week
The above rates are for full time child care; part-time, all day child care is offered based on availability. All YMCA members benefit from a $10 reduction in fees per child. Those who cannot afford the above rates are encouraged to apply for child care assistance through the County Department of Jobs & Family Services, YMCA Financial Assistance is also available. 


Atrium Family YMCA Early Learning Center
Ages 6 weeks to 12 years
Booker T. Washington Community Center
Ages 3-5 years
East Butler County YMCA Early Learning Center at Butler Tech
Ages 18 months to 5 years old
Fitton Family YMCA Early Learning Center
Ages 3-5 years
Middletown Family YMCA Early Learning Center
Ages 18 months-5 years


Early Learning Center Parent Handbook

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