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November 18
Housed at the Historical Hamilton Central YMCA, association services supports all six YMCA branches within Great Miami Valley YMCA as well as YMCA Camp Campbell Gard and the Booker T. Washington Community Center.


Catching Up! by jenh2017 So... what have I been up to lately? Short answer would be working, exercising, and attending concerts. I'm participating in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP). We meet weekly and after discussions about how to reduce...


So, for the last week or two, I've been slacking... Outside of attending my personal training sessions, I haven't been putting much time in at the gym. Shame on me! I've decided that I need to create a list of...


So, after last Tuesday’s barf-o-rama, I successfully made it through my Thursday workout, and my Tuesday workout this week with no incidents. Today, however… not so much. I got partway through my second circuit when I got that feeling. Thankfully,...


So, during my training session on Tuesday, I experienced another “first” in the gym. (My apologies to anyone who was in the freeweights section around 7:15 Tuesday night… lol) Last week, my trainer switched up my routine to a circuit-style...