Friday, June 23, 2017 - 10:15

So, after last Tuesday’s barf-o-rama, I successfully made it through my Thursday workout, and my Tuesday workout this week with no incidents. Today, however… not so much. I got partway through my second circuit when I got that feeling. Thankfully, I had enough advance notice to make it to the trash can this time before getting sick. 

After I sat and rested for a few minutes, I decided to finish my workout. Adam took pity on me and switched out the step-ups (my most hated move… I get so out of breath!) for squats, since the step-ups were getting me so winded.  I’m proud of myself for staying and finishing! (As my friend said, “puke, then rally”… LOL!)

I almost feel like I’m overheating when I get sick, so I am going to try bringing a cooling towel with me to my sessions to see if it might help. I got some at work while back, and they are great to have around when you’re outdoors in the summer – especially if you go to a lot of outdoor concerts like I do.  You just have to soak them with water, then wring them out and place around the back of your neck. The evaporating water is supposed to help you cool down.  I figure it can’t hurt to give it a try in the gym!