Working Out on a Tight Schedule

Whether you’re working, raising a family, or doing both, finding time in your schedule to workout can be extremely difficult, especially after a long day. The great news is you can still achieve your fitness goals by putting in less than an hour a day at the gym!

Each location has multiple classes that are less than 60 minutes. Some last for 45 while a few last only 30 minutes. These could even be knocked out during a lunch break if your whole calendar is filled!

No matter how busy our members are, the Great Miami Valley YMCA helps make it one step easier to reaching fitness goals! Some locations have differing durations of classes so make sure to check individual calendars, but below are just a few group exercise options to try out:

Total Body Conditioning- a combination of aerobics, muscle toning and flexibility using step, low impact and intervals. (45-60 minutes)

Pilates- a series of mat exercises that improve flexibility, joint mobility and strength. Benefits include strong muscles & back and improved posture. (45-60 minutes)

Bootcamp- this high-energy, station based class includes jump rope, agility drills, jogging and push-ups. (45-60 minutes)

Crunch Time-a class focused on abdominal work only. (30 minutes)

Cycling-an exhilarating, body-changing class that integrates music, motivation and inspiration for a terrific cardiovascular workout. (45-60 minutes)

HIIT- with alternating intensities, HIIT provides an efficient way to get lean and conditioned. (45-60 minutes)

Ropes- combine strength and conditioning with low-impact cardio for a total body workout. (30 minutes)

Muscle Mix- high intensity class consists of warm up, stretch, muscle conditioning and cool down. (45-60 minutes)

Step-combines step aerobics with strength. (30 minutes)