Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 15:05

Catching Up! 

by jenh2017

So... what have I been up to lately? Short answer would be working, exercising, and attending concerts. 

I'm participating in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP). We meet weekly and after discussions about how to reduce fat in our diets, we are now discussing physical activity. Did you know that as little as 150 minutes of exercise per week can help reduce your chances of becoming diabetic? Between my training sessions with Adam and my weekends, it's really easy to hit (or exceed) 150 minutes a week. 

Since summer has been in full swing, I've been attending a lot of concerts. Concerts are a good way to get in steps for the day, too. Walking from the parking lot to the venue, and then to your seat can sometimes be quite the journey! Or, if you're at an outdoor festival, you can walk around and take in all the sights, while getting in some exercise at the same time.  I'm actually at a festival this weekend and I've already hit my 10,000 step goal for the day... and I still have a lot of walking ahead of me! 

Progress-wise, my weight loss is around 20 lbs total now. Since joining the YDPP, I've been tracking what I eat and paying much closer attention to the fat and calorie content of my foods. Now that I am more conscious of the foods I should be avoiding, I'm hoping to make much more weight loss progress even more quickly! 

Despite the 20 lb weight loss, I don't feel like my clothes are fitting any differently and I don't really notice any difference in my appearance. I'm sure that all will come with time, though. Here's a photo taken today, just for reference. Have a great weekend!