Through these trying times, the YMCA is in the position to make a difference where it matters most. Because of this we have made the decision to transition two of our YMCA branches to support critical care workers and their families with caring for their children during this crisis. We will continue to provide a safe and caring environment for their children during this difficult time.


Atrium Family YMCA - Infant, Toddlers, Preschool and School Age

Fitton Family YMCA - Preschool and School Age


6:30am - 6:00 pm


$50 Registration Fee

$175/week for school age children

$250/week for children under the age of five

*Financial Assistance may be available to critical care workers during this crisis through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. More information to come as it is released to us.

To register and enroll your child in Critical Care please fill out and return the CRITICAL CARE registration form to and then fill out the online enrollment forms. Once we receive BOTH the registration and enrollment forms then we will call you and let you know you are able to start care.

With any additional questions please feel free to reach out to Xan Lipely at