The YMCA is committed to educating members on healthy lifestyles and nutrition. The YMCA takes a holistic approach to health and well-being by organizing programs around the principle that there is oneness of spirit, mind, and body. The YMCA's aim to promote a long and productive life while having fun living it. It's a way of life that requires education in good nutrition and proper exercise

Personal Nutrition Counseling

Personal Nutrition Counseling will help you improve your eating habits and learn healthy and sound approaches to managing your weight! Our registered/licensed dietitian will help you set relistic nutrition/lifestyle goals, assist with planning meals, improve food management and provide support in attaining your goals. Available at the Atrium Family YMCA, call 513-217-5501 for more information.
$45 / 1 hour
$125 / 5 1/2  hour sessions
$210 / 5 - 1 hour sessions
$400 / 10 - 1 hour sessions