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Fun2BFit is a program designed to meet the needs of overweight children and their families in surrounding communities. Children will have the opportunity to participate in 1-hour group exercise sessions one day per week, led by trained YMCA staff, and offered in a fun, noncompetitive environment. All activities in the group exercise session are tailored to the age and capabilities of the children enrolled and include: 

•    Cardiovascular Training 
•    Stretching 
•    Strength Training 
•    Active Play Games

The purpose of Fun2BFit is to both reverse the trends of childhood obesity and to take responsibility within our communities to provide programs which will promote a healthy lifestyle for children and their families.


•    Cost: 
      Members - $20/month 
      Program Participants - $40/month 
•    Ages: 7-13 


•    Atrium Family YMCA

•    East Butler County YMCA

•    Fitton Family YMCA

•    Fairfield Family YMCA

* Physician referral required. BMI must be at the 85th percentile or above for the child's age. *

Download Physician referral form by clicking here.


To register please fill out the following information and one of our wonderful team members will reach out with more information!

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