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Youth Fitness Philosophy 

The health and finess of today's youth are challenged by rising levels of inactivity and obesity. The solution? Fun, exhilarating workouts that become healthy habits for life! The Great Miami Valley YMCA is committed to stemming the tide of childhood obesity and inactivity through age-appropriate fitness programs designed to improve the health, strength, and physical endurance of youth in our community. Highly trained YMCA fitness instructors provide motivating programs that help kids understand the lifelong benefits of moving more and making healthier food choices.


Youth Fitness - Wellness Center Policy

10-11yrs - Purple Wristband
Must be a minimum of 56 inches
Must complete one 30 minute Cardio Orientation appointment with a Fitness Coach
Must be within arm’s reach of a parent/guardian at all times
Cannot use Jacob’s Ladder or Stair Climber
Atrium Family YMCA Only : Must complete 2 appointment, Youth Certification with a Fitness Coach so that they may also utilize the Life Fitness Equipment.

12-14yrs - Orange Wristband
Must be a minimum of 56 inches
Eligible for evaluation/approval to use Selectorized Equipment (weight machines)
Must complete 2 appointment, Youth Certification with a Fitness Coach
Parent/guardian must be present in the wellness center at all times.
Cannot use Jacob’s Ladder or Stair Climber
Certification may be challenged or revoked at any time due to inappropriate or unsafe behavior 

15 + yrs - White Wristband Optional 
Access to full Wellness Center, white wrist band optional (including free weights, Jacob’s Ladder and Stair Climber)

Please direct any questions or concerns to our Association Wellness Lead by clicking here.


Youth in Group Exercise Classes

Youth ages 10 -12 that have successfully completed the age appropriate Youth Wellness Certification are eligible to register and participate in Group Exercise classes at any Great Miami Valley YMCA branch. As the Youth Wellness Certification is offered only to full members, program members are not eligible to participate in group exercise classes until the age of 13. Just as in the Wellness Center, parents/guardians must be present at all times during the time that youth are participating in Group Exercise classes. For more information regarding this policy, please contact your branch Health & Wellness Director.

*Youth must be 15 years old to participate in Strength Train Together*