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Nationwide Membership is offered as a benefit for all active, full-facility, full-privilege members. To participate, members simply need to maintain an active membership at their home Y; no additional fee is charged to participate. 

NUMBER OF VISITS AND EXTENDED VISITS TO OTHER Ys Nationwide members may visit other participating Ys as often as they like, as long as  they use their home Ys, on average, at least 50 percent of the time. If   nationwide members have a family membership or some other inclusive membership arrangement and regularly use two Ys with the same frequency, they need to belong to the Y in the community where they live. Members wishing to end their membership must do so at their home Y.

Nationwide members—snow birds, college students, and seasonal residents, for example—may live in a region away from their home Y for an extended period of time. If they intend to live away from their home Y for more than 28 days, they need to transfer their membership and pay membership dues to the participating Y they are visiting; this Y then becomes their home Y while they are in temporary residence.  Ideally, these members will place their membership on hold when they leave their home Y and, on their first visit to the Y in the new location, activate a new membership there.  After the 28 days pass since their first visit, the visited Y can then require them to join. 

Outdoor Pool:

Come join the summer excitement at our outdoor pool! Nationwide members are welcome to indulge in the outdoor pool experience starting at 3 pm, Monday through Saturday, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Each nationwide member can enjoy up to five visits throughout the summer season. Kindly check in at our Main Entrance to gain access to the outdoor pool, as there won't be a Nationwide Member Check-In Service at the Outdoor Pool Desk. 

Y members whose home Ys are not participating in Nationwide Membership, members who are under special membership arrangements between Ys and other organizations (social service agencies or group homes, for example), and community members who are program only participants (including Silver Sneakers, Silver and Fit, and similar programs) can visit Ys other than their home Ys as guests. The individual Y’s guest policy will govern their access to facilities and programs. (For more information about regional reciprocity programs, refer to the earlier section “Understanding Implications for Current Reciprocity and AWAY Programs.”)  

Before being admitted into a participating Y, nationwide members present a valid Y membership card that includes a photo or other photo identification.  If nationwide members do not have membership cards, staff at the front desk can look them up by name or phone number in the Nationwide Membership System. 

*Guest of Nation Wide Members: Great Miami Valley YMCA is currently not admitting guest of Nation Wide Members. Guest must be accompanied by a member of the Great Miami Valley YMCA. 

Note: If visiting members’ home Ys capture photos of members, the Nationwide Membership System will include a photo in its search results. If the Nationwide Membership System does not include photo IDs of nationwide members (photos are not available in all home Y databases), these members can verify their identities by presenting a photo ID. If a visiting nationwide member does not appear in the system, the responsibility for looking into and correcting the issue falls to the NWM administrator at the individual’s home Y. During check in, the frontline staff simply directs the member to contact the Membership Director.