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Workplace Wellness Opportunities - 

Healthy employees create a healthy workplace and a healthy bottom line. Having a true corporate wellness program means supporting every employee in the improvement or maintenance of their current state of health. This includes mental, physical, and emotional support to guide employees toward positive lifestyle changes. And everyone knows that healthy employees make productive companies. Let the YMCA help you develop a plan to incorporate a program today.

Health & Wellness program have been shown to:

  • Improve job performance
  • Boost morale
  • Lower absenteeism and turnover
  • Decrease disability days
  • Reduce medical costs

Cost Effective: Low estimates of wellness programs suggest an ROI of 3:1. That's a $3 return for every $1 invested. With health and productivity management you might see returns as high as 6:1.

Employee Retention: On average, 78% of of employees will utilize a corporate wellness program and 50% consider it an incentive to continue with their present employer.

Increased Productivity: When compared to the average office worker, whose efficiency decrease 50% for the final two hours of the workday. Exercise adherents work at full efficiency all day, amounting to a 12.5% increase in personal productivity.


What can the Y do for you?

Participation in Healthy Fairs with demonstrations and screenings

On-site Lunch & Learn classes

On-site Employees Wellness Challenges

Management of a Company Health Fair

Smoking Cessation Programs

Personal Health Coaching

Monthly Health Topic focus

On-site Group Exercise classes


For more information regarding the YMCA Workplace Wellness Programs please contact: Becky King, Senior Membership Sales & Retention Director.