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24/7 Access is only available at the Atrium Location


The Great Miami Valley YMCA has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy in relation to 24-Hour Access privileges. Violations of the following guidelines and in addition to all YMCA Policies may result in the revocation of all membership privileges without a refund. These policies are in place for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the Atrium Family YMCA at all hours of the day. All members are asked to adhere to the Y core values of honesty, respect, caring, responsibility, and faith. If you have questions about the following policies, please contact Ally McCarthy, Operations Director, at 513-217-5501 ext. 1508 or


As a member with 24-hour access, you may use the Atrium Family YMCA Wellness Center and Basketball Gyms at any time. The access scanner will be at the main entrance of the Atrium Family YMCA. During normal YMCA business hours, the 24-hour access scanner will be turned off, please access the Y by checking in at the Welcome Center. The building will only be staffed during advertised business hours of operations. Please check for current staffed business hours and any special holiday hours. After YMCA Staff leave in the evening, there will be no YMCA Staff on hand to monitor the Atrium Family YMCA.


Guests are only allowed in building during regular business hours when a YMCA staff member is on duty. All guests must be checked in at the Welcome Center and will only have access during staffed business hours. Allowing a guest (including family members) to utilize the 24-hour access is a violation of this policy. Membership may be revoked if this policy is violated. Nationwide Members are not eligible for 24-hour access.


24-hour access will only be granted to those who are ages 18 and over. Members violating policy will lose membership privileges and no refund will be given.


Locker rooms will not be available outside of staffed business hours. Family Locker rooms and Men’s and women’s restrooms are available in the lobby near the vending machines/coffee area.


24-hour access provides access to the Wellness Center, Basketball Gyms, Family Locker rooms and the men’s and women’s restrooms located in the lobby. After the YMCA staff leaves for the evening, the following areas will be unavailable to access: Men’s Locker room, Women’s Locker room, Pool, Child Watch, Gym 3, Spin Studio, Aerobic Studio, Community Room, Offices, and the Early Learning Center.


Atrium Family YMCA has a 24-hour video recording system for security purposes. Video surveillance will be active and archived for review. Please note that this system will not protect you from harm while in or on building premises and will not alert anyone if help is needed. Please use caution when entering or leaving the building. While there are landline phones throughout the YMCA, it is highly recommended that you bring your own cell phone when you use the YMCA after business hours. Atrium Family YMCA’s address and emergency phone numbers are posted for easy access. In the event of an emergency, please immediately dial 911. The City of Middletown Fire and Police Departments will be able to access the building outside of business hours in the event of an emergency. The YMCA strongly encourages working out with a partner when using our facility outside of staffed business hours.


24-hour access at the Atrium Family YMCA is an enhanced membership benefit which provides extended access to the facility. A separate access fob is required to access the facility outside of staffed business hours. You may purchase an access fob for $15 annually. The annual fee with auto renew unless you cancel prior to the annual draft. Additional access fobs must purchased for each member of your family/household membership (Above 18) if they will be making use of the 24-hour access benefit. There is no replacement of damaged or lost access fobs, members will be responsible for purchasing a new fob to continue access.